What should I do? I really like the guy, and we both screwed up. I'll keep it as short as possible?

The guy I've been hanging out with, and seeing where things lead slept with another girl the other night, at first he didn't come clean until I kept pushing it, because I knew the truth. Eventually, he came clean. I talked to him in detail about it yesterday as to why he did it. He told me he let his emotions fester up that night, because a while ago, I kissed his friend while we were drunk, and I didn't come clean about the kiss until after he slept with the girl, and I lied to my parents a while ago about him driving my car, because he's not supposed to be driving my car, because of legal reasons. He slept with her for revenge, that's what he said. I do want to find out where things go, and I do hope we can move forward to see where this goes. I have been flirting with his friend too, I know we're both in the wrong,


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  • If both of you are willing and CAN wipe the slate clean and start over, then kudos to you. Otherwise, you both may need to consider moving on. Just don't do it again... neither of you!!!

    • I'm willing to do that. I really like him, and do want to see where things go, and when I talked to him last night, it was obvious he was hurt and regretted it.

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    • I rejected him after it happened, at first I give in, but then was like, "I'm sorry, but that should've never happened. m I want to see where thing go with they your friend, not you." I felt really gouty and bad after it happened. I do have to mature a lot when it comes to dating, I haven't dating in years... literally. But, I can admit it, and I'm working on it.

    • You should have rejected him as he tried to kiss you, not after it happened. If it was too fast, you should have slapped him, because he should have known better not to kiss you or at least to ask you for your permission. You have to mature a lot, but not just dating - your adult life in general. Any adults who still lie to their parents need to grow up. Not dating in years has nothing to do with it. You should already be mature and responsible already, at least by the age of 18 if not 21. I'm glad you are working on improving yourself, though. That's a good thing for you. And I admire that you will admit your mistakes. Not a lot of people do that these days. EXTREMELY RARE!!!


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  • Hahahahahaha I wouldn't have bothered with a petty thing like revenge and would have dumped your ass. Obviously this relationship is doomed to fail, enjoy.

    • It was a drunken kiss that I immediately regretted.

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    • That's nice, but what does that do for him? You kissed his friend, there's very few people who will excuse this behavior, and those that do usually have no respect for themselves.

      Sure you can try it out with the guy and say you'll leave everything in the past, but if you get him infuriated even once, I can guarantee you he will bring that up right in your face. You're playing a dangerous game here, that 1 kiss has the capacity to ruin their friendship and have both of them be mad at you.

      I've seen this happen to some of my friends, doesn't matter how strong the bond was before that, you never fuck with someone else's girl or person they are dating/talking to.

      I know I sound like a total asshole, but I rather come off as a asshole to make sure you don't make this mistake again with future guys (if you don't marry this guy :P ) rather than be nice about it which might lead you to do it again. :)

    • I appreciate the honesty, I really do. I'm just really inexperienced with dating, and definitely naive when it comes to date. This is the first time in four years, I've hung with a guy to where things go. I feel horrible. I really like him, mand I hope we can forgive each other.

  • This is a bad idea.

    • Can you elaborate on why?

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    • As I said, whatever, maybe you two will put in a ton of effort and make it work!

    • Thanks, I'm just getting different opinions first, and taking time to think.

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  • just start clean both of you guys , and Forget about the past live presente :)

    • That's what we're trying to do.

    • then greati if you guys truly like eachother then go for it start fresh...

  • Go for it. But keep flirting with his friend in case if it didn't work out. Haha.

    • I'm definitely not going to flirt with his friend, that's what caused the problem in the beginning.

    • Let's say if you guys are in a relationship and you're having an argument with him. Will you use this against him? Or vice Versa.

    • No, if we're both willing to look past it, and forgive and forget, it stays in the past. And, if he can leave the fact I kissed his friend in the past.