Is she not being completely truthful?

I started dating a friend of just under a year. We had sex a few times and she said she was really into me but trying to convince herself she wasn't. Then a few days later she said there was no spark and we are better as friends. What should I believe? I know she's been hurt in the past.


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  • She has been burned and churned in the past here, dear, so she is most likely growing cold duck feet with the Cold hard Facts that she may end up a cooked goose once again... she has feelings for you that she doesn't want to begin her beguine with and is letting them go like a fish out of water.
    She probably feels safer, more secure in staying 'Friends' at this point in time. The Intimacy that you 'A few times' shared, Scared her into something that she is not ready to chance with a romance that may go South.
    Let sleeping dogs lie and remain Buds and 'Better as friends.' This way there is no problems down a beaten path and in the end, you won't End up in the dog house by you both having barked up the wrong tree.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I would have a heart to heart with her ask her what is wrong or what she is scared of and what she is feeling. Tell her how you feel and what you are willing to do to make it work. You guys have to be honest with each other though. Be prepared that she may want to walk away but respect her decision. It could be because she is scared too. You will never know unless you sit down and talk.


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  • Believe the latter.