Why is he inviting his friends to hang out with us when we don't even know each other that well? Is this a clear sign we're in the friendzone or what?

We met online a couple of weeks ago. We've only gone out twice together and for the third time we're planning to go out, he casually mentioned that a few of his friends are coming out to eat with us. It feels weird for me because I don't feel like I even know him that well, and already i'm going to have to meet his friends and i'm worried it'll be awkard. Why is he doing this? What does it mean? I was thinking about bringing my friend but I thought it would be even more exhausting trying to balance me meeting his friends and still getting to know him while also talking to my friend and introducing her to him and to his friends. So I kind of feel like the odd ball out. Up to this point we seemed flirty and interested in one another (not friendzone) but now I'm second guessing.

Why is he doing this and what's the best way to get through this?



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  • i would say it might be better to just not go. tell him something like 'i would prefer continuing to get to know you rather then hang out with your buddys. why dont we reschedule? its no biggie for me'
    you might judge the situation better after his response


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  • I wouldn't worry to much. More than likely, he is just wanting to see how you act around his friends. Just relax and go with the flow. If things go well or not (if you decide to go out), you could always talk about where you stand with each other. feelings/thoughts later on.

  • I would do the same actually, I'd invite my friends or invite us to them, so they can check if we fit together or not.


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