What are some things I can step up to get better looking girls?

I can get average girls, is there a way I can step up? Physically , personality, money etc


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  • It also depends on what kind of good looking girl. :P
    You get hot girls, cute girls, sexy girls and quirky girls.
    Hot and sexy girls tend to go for hot guys or guys with fashion sense and a whole lot of other stuff I know nothing about.
    Cute girls tend to go for intellectual guys who are kind and polite.
    Quirky girls tend to go for guys like them, so fun, adventurous and silly in a playful way.

    The cliched 'confidence is everything' is actually not far off. You don't have to act like a douchebag to attract girls though. Just being confident in what you're saying is right and that whatever you're doing is totally normal generally makes you appear more attractive.
    For example, you could be walking through town in a onesie looking embarrassed and trying to hide and people will pick up on it and laugh at you thinking you're really uncool or you can strut down the street waving at people and stopping to take selfies with them and you seem totally cool. :P

    Honestly, picking up chicks isn't my specialty so I'm not sure how helpful this will be but it's what I've found works. :)


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  • More money and a better fashion sense. Go spend big bucks on a hair cut and some nice products. It's not just about spending the money but making it too. Don't focus too much on the physical body, instead work on the mental. Find a way to not care whether or not you get pretty girls and they'll come. They'll come, I promise. Money and confidences. Never admit any faults and believe you'll get hot chicks. Mark it down and check it off.

  • General hygiene and nice clothes.

  • What's wrong with average girls? You could find an average girl that is way better then a more attractive girl. Personality over powers looks. Once you get to know someone's personalty everything about them becomes attractive.


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  • It's cause you constantly think the other girls are better looking is why you aren't getting those girls. Look at them all at a equal level and treat them as such.