What to say to my boyfriend when I go to Vegas?

I am planning to go to vegas with a bunch of my girlfriends this has been a plan for us for a LONG time and I am not letting a boyfriend stop me.

So how do I have fun without having him on my guilty conscience? Should I ask for a break?


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  • You need to do whats right for you, but in order to be fair to him you need to be honest. Either you want a boyfriend or you want to enjoy the single life. Unless he is a complete idiot he will know whats going to happen in Vegas.

    The question is this: Are you happy with your boyfriend? If you are not you need to break up with him because it would not be fair to you or him to stay in a unhappy relationship.

    If you are happy with him you have to ask yourself if a weekend of fun is worth risking what the two of you have.


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  • "What happens in Vegas is gonna stay in Vegas don't worry babe"


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  • No don't ask for a break. Just be honest with him from the start.