Signs he is friendly vs he actually likes you?

Answer if this is a friendly sign or a sign of interest?
He helps you with a lot without asking you?
He shows you his serious side?
He always comes to talk to you?

Signs he is friendly vs he actually likes you?

what are other signs


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  • Likely a combination of the two. He clearly has trust and wants to spend time with you. He might be feeling out the scenario to see how you feel if he is interested in something more.

    For me, the signs I just view you as a friend - I treat you like my friend. I'll chat with ya, I'll joke with ya, I'll help you when I can because for me, I'd do anything for a friend.

    Signs I like you - it's simple, I try and do things outside the ordinary with you. If I'm going to a game, I'll ask you first. I'll try and get you to come out just 1-on1 with me whenever I can so I can get to know you more personally. If you were just my friend, I might invite you to more social gatherings where other people I know will be.

  • Well he clearly trusts you if he opens up to you


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