Guys please be honest and help me out! why is this man so shy?

How do I hook the shy guy? I'm very open-minded and sexual but I feel like it's a bit much for him. Guys, help me out! Thanks :)


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  • Honestly as someone who used to be shy - it's not a matter of how to hook him, you probably did the second you showed him any attention. The thing with the shy guy is he is going to overthink a lot of your signs (if he's even viewing them as advances) and probably second guess everything, to the point where he'll convince himself there's nothing there other than friendship. Just take the reigns and make a legitimate move on him, he'll probably appreciate it, and you'll likely get the guy you want. I mean if you want him that badly, is it really a big deal if you ask him out versus waiting for him to finally open up?

  • You have to complement him help boost his ego


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