How do you make yourself more attractive towards girls?

I'm like 10% nerdy, 85% normal/average and 5% attractive (just to put in context). I've never had girlfriend and throughout my life 2 girls explicitly said that they liked me.
I'd be nice if could have a hand in changing that, only how?


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  • I will reply your question. How to make yourself more attractive towards girls.
    First what kind of girl do you like? Where can you meet her? How can you meet her? If you know what you want then you can change it to attract your ideal girls. If you don't know, look at the model. Most of them attract girls pretty well. However, you need to know what style do you like. This style concern to type of girl. Style is will improve your looks. Even someone not handsome but style makes them good looking. Hope it can help.


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  • These days I feel like a huge part of being attracted to guys is their personality! With that said you also need an eye catching quality to get her attention! I can't speak for all women but if a guy to a gentlemen can make me laugh and honestly show me a good time I'm hooked on the other hand if the hottest guy in the world takes me out and is a cocky jerk then he can hit the road! Before you go out lady seeking make sure you are well groomed lol clean teeth clean shave clean smell clean clothes and also don't try to find a long term girl at a night club or dirty bar... chances are she isn't gonna be the one you want to bring home to mom anyways! Hope that helps!

  • Act like a gentleman, have intellectual chats with girls, make lightly jokes but don't excess with that, and the most important thing: be yourself!

    • Thanks! That's actually very helpfull! the dutch girls are just quite picky, ya know...

    • I'm glad I helped you~ There are many types of girls, go for the ones who suits you! ^^

  • Wearing cologne can make a big difference, and it wouldn't hurt to get lean and toned.

    • Ok, these is some very good advice, thanks everybody!

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  • A few practical tips:
    To make yourself more attractive there are things you can do in my experience:
    Exercise, a guy with abs is automatically semi attractive, "at least he has a nice body"
    Keep a good complexion, your a teen which means acne, so wash your face and try to minimize it.
    Get a haircut that complements your bone structure, you'll have to experiment.
    Brush your teeth constantly, always have good breath and smell good. (actually extremely important)

    Now the important stuff, to be attractive to women you have to be respected by men. Have good posture, hands out of pockets at all times, make eye contact, be friendly to everyone. If you take the initiative to befriend people you become a leader of sorts, leaders get paid, leaders get laid.

  • Get a six pack