Is it ok to lie sometimes, if you think its for the right reason?

Basically i lied to someone that i have had a crush on for 3 years now. i really like this person and would even say i love them as i haven't thought about any other girl since i laid my eyes on her, we have only started talking recently even though i have been in the same class in college. however she came over to my place for a party on Friday , during the party i went in to my room to check on my laptop,(fixing it) when she followed me in. just having a small chat about my laptop when she asked me a serious question. she said she wanted to ask me a question and that she wanted me to be truthful, i said i would, she asked if i liked her becasue she has been getting that vibe from me. i was shocked by the question and thought for a sec, you see i have always wanted to ask her out but i have always felt she was too good for me. like i am not the best looking guy but also my family. the males in my family seem to be dicks and always cheat or hurt their wifes or girlfriends, like my dad, grandad, great grandad from my fathers side of the family. hurting a girl or she hurting me always bothers my mind. i dont want to be like my dad or be hurt either , it scares me to lose people so i rather not risk what we have so i told her that i didn't, she asked was i sure and i said yes. she said thats fine and quickly changed the topic. i feel bad for lying to her as i REALLY like her but i think it was the right thing, she is a nice girl and deserves better.


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  • Never lie. Just say you would rather not answer at that time... or say not sure... But don't lie...

  • Awww you shouldn't lie maybe she was into you too and potentially could've been a great relationship.. I wish you luck


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