Tinder is a goldmine for girls, and a death sentence for ugly men. Liking it?

Girls today don't even have to leave their room to find a partner. They log onto Tinder and instantly have loads of matches to pick and choose from.
As for guys, if you're a hot stud (in the top 20%), you're bound to get matches. If you're in the top 5%, you're doing as well as girls do - every girl has swept right on you, initiates, and hopes to get it on.
As for the rest of the men, who are lucky to even get a match a week - say goodbye to online dating, as well as real life dating (since girls are glued to their phones and already have plenty to choose from thanks to Tinder).

F U Tinder.
Here are the general minimum standards for a hot guy:
- Caucasian; >6ft; chiseled jawline, light eyes, thick hair.

If you don't fit that, your personality won't get you any where because you've already been rejected! Left swiped!

So where to now? Brothel or Church?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tinder seems more like a "hook-up" app to me. People are swiping pictures they like, to hopefully meet for sex. It's a shallow app, I'm sorry to say this but, don't get upset that shallow people did not swipe right on your picture on a very shallow phone app.
    You are right though, men do have the unfair advantage on this app. An unattractive woman like myself got 100 matches in 2 days.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I've never done Tinder but i know when i tried doing online dating I didn't get many matches… there tended to be a lot more girls on the site than guys. Also don't guys tend to be more picky about looks than girls?

  • I don't have tinder and never will. I like the good ol fashion way of meeting in person.

  • When life gives you lemons you make lemonade or you let them rot. The longer you gripe about lemons the more rotten the lemonade will taste. Your choice.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think that's true maybe it's just your area? Or your ugly? (No offence).
    I have been on tinder before and I got matches all the time and I'm not very good looking im just avarage.

    • You pretty much fit the description, so I'm not surprised you get matches

    • @asker hahaha don't be daft im not some stud I'm just normal! ^ ^