Why can't I just accept he doesn't like me and move on?

I'm 16 (in yr11) and I've like this guy since yr7 and I thought that I'd really accepted that he didn't like me but I still find myself looking at him in class etc and I really do want to move on but I'm still so strongly attracted to him, sometimes he does look at me in class and he did give me his mobile number which he doesn't give to many people but I did ask for it and he has also had a crush or been out with quite a few of my friends. What does it all mean and why can't I just get over him? (oh and I put this question in dating because it didn't really fit any of the other topics)


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  • you'll get over him when you hit college. trust.


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  • Maybe you should get over him, if he's not making a move then you don't deserve to sit there waiting for something that might not happen. If you really think he likes you though, go and talk to him or see what's going on with him and then choose to move on or carry on staring.