Will inviting someone out too often get annoying?

So I've been asking out my crush to go dancing. I've asked her twice and she's been busy working both times. I'm not sure if constantly asking would get annoying or weird (not asking as a date but as friends)? I asked about dancing because that's what she likes to do and I met her in a dance class. She has no idea I'm interested and I don't want to tell her until I'm sure I actually like her.


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  • If she genuinely wants to go dancing but actually had work then she would want you to keep asking until she was available. You have to be careful tho and think of she actually was too busy or just feels uncomfortable and doesn't want to go dancing with you.

    • It was a general invitation not really personal. And she has been posting stuff about work on Facebook. I am worried about making her feel uncomfortable I'd hate to do that to a friend. And does me asking her through a Facebook message sound like a date situation?

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    • Thanks that's helpful

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  • Yea that would be annoying


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  • If she wanted to go she would tell you when she's free.