Has anyone noticed this? What does this mean?

There are a couple girls at work that I think like me, but they both have boyfriends. I've seen both of them play with their hair when talking to me. They are both kind of shy, I pretty much have to go to them to talk.

So this is weird but I noticed that they both will like grab their hair, like a handful of hair when I stop by. Like if their ponytail is hanging to the side, they will like grab it real quick. Both girls do this? What is this mean?


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  • I don't think they paean anything us girls are naturally flirtatious that doesn't mean we like someone or want to sleep with them

    • No this is more like a grab. Like I'll pop in on them unexpectedly and they will grab their hair. It's kind of funny.

    • They're just flirting

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