Why does my bf insist on hanging out alone?

Wold you guys/girls consider it cheating if your partner insisted on hanging out alone with an opposite sex friend against your wishes? Would you be suspicious that they are cheating. Another question how come some people in a relationship continue to put their opposite sex friend above their own partner? If you are putting them first shouldn't you be dating them?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Are men not allowed to be friends with women?

    • Friends yes but they Dont have to hang out alone. Why not in groups? If it is innocent like they say then his gf should be included. I believe that once someone is in a relationship opposite sex friends become friends of the couple. A guy should always put his owns girl's feelings first

    • You don't need to spend every spare minute together

What Girls Said 1

  • I agree that he def should be putting you first above this friend. It is strange he just wants to hang out with her alone. That gives me red flags!! Have u met her? If not then that's fishy for sure!! I would go on his phone & look at messages back & forth between them! See if u notice any behavior changes from him. I'd also ask if she has a bf and suggest a double date ;) see how he reacts lol but don't let him think ur on to him!!