Is eye contact during sex with someone new too intimate?

I was having sex with a nee guy I'm seeing and we had a moment were we were both staring deeply into each other eyes and then he laugh. I wonder if thats creepy/ too intimate in the beginning does it weird you guys out if a girl does that?


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  • I think any guy who thinks putting his penis in a girl isn't being too intimate but having eye contact with her is has a slightly messed up view of the world.

    More likely he just got a little nervous or thought he should say something but didn't know what so laughed to break the tension. Extended eye contact can be quite intense, especially in the heat of a passionate moment like that, doesn't make it creepy or 'too intimate'.


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  • I did that with my ex girlfriend it was awkward


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  • I get really uncomfortable with eye contact, but only because it scares me to be intimately staring into somebody's eyes (makes me feel vulnerable). However it's a good thing to do, and if you can get over it it really connects you to that person even more