How to hide bad teeth on date?

So I have kinda yellowish teeth. Not too much yellow but they are more yellow than normal teeth. I used to get kiss often from girls, so I dont know how is it apparent and noticable. But this time I am going on a date with girl I like so I fear she will notice. I can't get them whitened, because one of them is artificial.


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  • There's no way to actually hide your teeth unless you just don't talk... But that won't help anything. It shouldn't matter though.. If she really genuinely likes you , she won't have a problem with something as little as that. If she does have a problem , she's probably shallow and you don't wanna be with her anyways. Good luck !

  • You can't hide it just be fun and she'll care less about it. She has her own flaws too so you shouldn't worry much about it or it will ruin your date.


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