What does it mean when a guy says he wants to take it slow, he still has his insecurity wall up?

So my boyfriend and I have only been together for a month, we have already had sex, but just the other day he said he wanted to take things slow because he still has his insecurity wall up? He has no problems calling me his girlfriend or anything in public or to friends. He has kids so I was thinking taking it slow meant he wanted to make sure I'm right for him and his boys? I'm not used to slow but I'm trying.


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  • I think that he means exactly what he says. But what does it mean to him to take it slow? I don't know either, you said that he has no problems calling you his girlfriend and that you had sex already. So, in this case, just be with him the way you are and let him take things slow his way. Or you can ask him...


What Girls Said 1

  • Dating and relationships is quite complicated, it's not simple like people make it look these days (which really annoys me because they are practiclly pressuring you), it means he wants to take things at a slower pace with you and yes since he has kids he needs to make sure you are the right girl for him because if some day you get more serious and move in togeher and stay with him and you then marry you wil become their mother lol, so if your currently not ready for all of that id take it slowly, it's sad these days people have kids so young but he needs to know your not going to effect his kids in negative ways and not going to cause them distress. Even if he didn't have kids it's always safe to take things slowly because you need to know your on the same wave lengh, each step you take is always very important and you shouldn't stop doing the things you did to win them over, relationships also take consistency but it's important to not scare each other where 1 is leaping off some where before ether you are ready.