Why don't women find Asian Indians physically attractive?

There are many Asian Indians who grew up in western nations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ etc, who are very western in their ways - personality, personal grooming and style, lifestyle, bodies etc.
Many are highly educated and in well-paying careers.
Yet, they are at the bottom of the barrel and made fun of. '
In terms of physical appearance, Indians are classified as Caucasoids - they have sharp features, hair etc like other Caucasoids (e. g European Caucasians, Semites, North Africans). They're just darker, and the same size as south Europeans.
I don't get it.. why aren't women sexually attracted to them?

An honest answer is all I want. This question is specific to the physical/sexual attraction of Asian Indian MEN who grew up in western countries.
Don't bring in personality, arranged marriages, gas station workers etc.

I personally think that's it's because they fear what their racist friends/family/community will think.


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  • there's not wrong with an indian male, there's just people who buy into stereotypes before even getting to know a person and they assume negative connotations about a nationality.


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  • I think Asian Indians are hot:)

  • yes they are attractive as well
    but culture wise does it fit?

    • They are western in their ways, with some good aspects from the east eg. meditation, food, respect for diversity etc.
      Considering they have been able to shelter themselves from the conservative ways of their parents/ grandparents all their lives, why wouldn't they be able to shelter their partner? I mean, their parents are living in a western country with no intention of returning to India, so clearly, they would be aware of everything people in the west do so it's no real shock. The parents themselves may not change because those aren't the values of the country they grew up in, but neither will the kids become fully Indian.

    • yes most important is they have no intention to return to india at all.

  • They are attractive, but my friends date within their culture. I don't blame them though... they'll be able to eat the foods they have always eaten. That's reason enough to want to stay in your culture for me. Changing up your diet half through your life doesn't sound like it would be pleasant.

  • I don't know, I just don't? It's a preference.


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  • yeah its sad man...

    These people do such mental gymnastics to justify their racism as well

    Its like theyre programmed from birth to hate Indians...

    The worst part is how they love yoga, Karma and chai etc... Its like they want to adopt Indian culture but hate actual Indians lol