My friend thinks I'm not really into him?

I met a guy three months ago. There wasn't an immediate attraction, but by the second date I definitely felt more attracted to him and now Im very attracted to him. Since the start I've been very shy and nervous around him, Its improved over time as I've got to know him better. He's slowly started putting him arm around me and being touchy feely which I'm cool with. We seem to bounce off each other and it's to the point where we can sometimes finish off each others sentences.

I get butterflies when I'm around him, i'm constantly smiling/laughing too and vice versa. I could be in the worst mood and within minutes of talking to him that changes. There's always the right balance, when I'm ready have a serious conversation he listens and shares his views. When I'm in a weird mood and I feel like sharing something random he never looks at me like I'm crazy... He just gets me. Every time we go out we have a right laugh and there's never a dull moment. The last time we met up it was so intense, he kinda looked at me in a way that made me nervous ( in a good way). However my response to this probably wasn't recieved well on his part. I wanted to kiss him so bad and chickened out. I got scared.

I told my friend what happened and he thinks I don't like the guy because of this.. I know very well it's because I'm shy and it takes me a while. My friend is adamant I'm not into him.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Then just kiss him so he knows the truth.


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  • call him for a sleepover and when he opens the door be nude and then fuck his brain out it'll work if you did it to me i would be into that chick right away so yeah get nude tonight


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  • He needs to read that Venus and Mars dating book.
    Apparently men get physical attraction first and we get it last. They get mental last and we get mental first. Emotional is second and 4th is spiritual for both