Girls do u mind if guys finance cars?

Or u prefer them pay cash for them so they can spend money on you


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  • Uhh... whatever? His car is his business, why do I care how he pays for it.

    • I totally agree! Girls ent gold diggers!

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    • Engineer ! 100000 a year, 27 . Nup no criminal

    • Haha. Point is, just don't live beyond your means, that's even less attractive than other options.


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  • Dont really care. Thats his money, he can do whatever he wants to it. As long as he doesn't spend it on hoes.

  • I respect any man who take out a loan and make his payments.. Don't ever feel bad for making payments. Girls respect the responsibility involved..


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  • Financing car is a great idea, even IF you could afford to pay it all in cash upfront. The reason why is money now vs money later.

    If you drop all those thousands on the car immediately, now you're limiting yourself on money you can spend now. That means housing, food, bills, vacation money, etc. will have to be more strictly budgeted. Unless you're a millionaire, big purchases like cars have an impact on your life money.

    Financing s car, no matter what you make, gives you money to spend on other things in the meantime. For example, the thousands you don't drop on the car fan go towards insurance, gas, maintenance, etc. In the meantime. You'll have more money later on for things like spending on her. Sure, you don't "own" the car, but you obviously can afford to have it if they gave you the loan. So it's not a big deal.

    • Yeah ! And people don't relise u pay 25 % intrests on the purchase. U will never get rich finacing cars u always paying debt true. House I'm fine getting alone for that

    • You don't have to finance it for several years. If you put down half or more on the car and finance the rest for a year or 18 months you're not going to be in massive debt.