I lost my temper with my boyfriend and said some things I regret and didn't mean now he is ignoring me what do I do?

On Monday night my bf said he was gonna call me and it got to be late. I was already really emotional that night and he wasn't calling soon enough so i got angry and said some mean things like he didn't care and etc ... I felt really bad immediately after i said them. I apologized yesterday with a phone and text message but he is ignoring me. This morning i sent 3 more which i know I shouldn't have but i feel really crappy about the whole thing and just want to talk to him. This is our first fight I guess and I feel awful and didn't mean anything I said. What should i do. Im really scared he is going to break up with me.


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  • Don't be surprised if he does break up. Some men got 0 tolerance for women's bullsh*t that they create.

    Give it a bit more time.

    • i would think he would already broken up if he was gonna


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  • You need to go to him and apologize in person, it's not the same when you do it over text or phone.

    • he lives 2.5 hrs away...

    • If you have the time I would say that you should still go see him, because the fact that he is so far away will show him how sorry you are and how much you value the relationship.

    • yeah i would unfortunately ill be out of town :/ and i would be worried cause his ex did that once and he got really pissed

  • I doubt he will break up over this, just fuck him real good


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  • He is not gonna break up. You are aware of your fault, which is great.
    You apologized. You did your part. Just give some time, he needs to calm down.