Why is this girl I've been talking to online being like this?

We have been talking for a few days, but today she seems off and tired. She told me she needs to study, So I say " guess I'll shut up then, good luck.", but then she replies "She doesn't have the head for it". Im like... what? It's just that feeling of her being difficult, what is she looking for from me, I already said I'd leave her be and study? :s girls help


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  • Sounds like drama, leave her alone.


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  • I don't know, maybe its her time of the month. Just leave her alone for a few days, and then see if things improve.

    • Based on how she's acting compared to before, I wouldn't be suprised. Why me, why can't she just stay away and study lol? Im getting like responses of her complaining, how she hates what she's studying. All I can say is basically "I know but, someday you'll be at the top so keep going".