Guys is he going to break up with me or am I over reacting?

The other night I asked if my bf could call me that night and he said that he would. I was really emotional that day and it was getting really late so I flipped out on him and said some pretty hurtful things.. I Felt terrible right after and apologized the next day with a phone and text message. This morning I measgaed him 3 times telling him how sorry I was and that I felt terrible and he is still ignorig me.. Is he gonna break it off? I don't know what to do im really acared it's our first fight and I don't want to lose him :( how do I fix it!


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  • You need to see him in person and ask him if he accepts your apology and tell him you don't want to break up and the rest is up to him. This could go either way.

    • He lives 2.5 hrs away and im out of town this week :/

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  • I don't know if he's going to break it off. Nobody does but him. All you can do is apologise, but you already did.