Did it work for you?

We've all heard that if you want to attract a SO you should just be yourself but I'm wondering if it really works


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  • It worked for me. I always stayed myself, I never felt the need to lie to men about the true me, though I guess it's easier for women to be ourself, men are often around the corner.
    As for my boyfriend, from the beginning, he told me he wouldn't try to impress me,
    or try to hit one me. He had way more relationship than I did and he realized than if you get the girl, that's not how you keep her. When you show who you really are after six month, it can't be good.
    He was himself and more than a year later, we still are ourselves, he's like a best friend.


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  • hell no. if you're a miserable person, being miserable is NOT going to get you anywhere. this is why many people get together in situations which involve alcohol. lol.


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  • It doesn't work if you suck. And by that I mean, you have to be at least somewhat interesting and attractive to get a SO. And being interesting is something you do for yourself, first.