I have problem with my bf... what should I do?

okay so the problem is that me and my boyfriend are 3 months together now (I know not so long) but at times he already making me really angry by talking on snapchat with other girls and even when he keeps saying 'she's just a friend' I don't really believe him because he don't even allow me to touch he's phone so I think he want to hide stuff away from me. He exactly know that I am really really jealous person and I just can't stand it. I told him many times but he carry on doing it even when we're out somewhere or chilling on sofa... I really don't know what to do... can anyone advise me?


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  • Tell him to either let you see his phone, or stop talking with them. If he doesn't then he is hiding something. Sorry hon

    • yeah i know he do and he's doing all the time but i can't do anything about it and i feel useless cuz that's hurt me cuz if he'd cheat on me i woudnt be brave to tell him anything

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    • Is not so easy... I still love him...

    • thanks for MHO


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  • Yeah he should stop doing them things, he's not being fair to you

    • yeah but how do i meant to tell him that? i just can't cuz he'll get mad at me saying 'oh you don't trust me now?' and all this stuff...

  • Punch him in the face


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  • Before you share a personal relationship with anyone its important to make sure that you're taken care of. You need to take care of yourself, which also includes dealing with your jealousy and any insecurities you might have. Its not fair for him to have to share his phone with you, thats his personal space and you guys are not married. Have you always been the jealous type or is there something significant that happened prior to you feeling this way?

    • well in my last relationship my ex was cheating on me with my best friend and from this time i start to being jealous and i don't want to be like that but i just can't help it... he keep saying that he's fine with it but i feel like he just get enough of me. But in my opinion i feel like we shoudnt have any secrets so he can take my phone any time he want and that's what he do but like even when i try to check time on he's phone he start to getting mad at me and makes me feel guilty

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    • @deepheart I was just wondering if the jealousy she has with him was initiated else where. Thats all. I wasn't trying to blame her nor did I intend to. I just wanted to gain a further understanding of where she was coming from. Making people feel bad or patronized is never my intention.

    • It sounds like he's not being completely honest with you. Even if he doesn't show you his phone, he should still be willing to listen to you and explain what he's doing on snapchat..

  • He shld stop doing things which r hurting or affecting u

    • yeah i said it to him so many times but he's always saying im getting over the top but when i ask him can i see what you talking about or when i ask him what are you talking about he's saying that is none of my business and i should trust him more...

    • Can I say him one thing
      Bastard ! Dunt mind