Obsessive or cute?

So, I love my boyfriend, but I haven't yet told him. We are three years apart, [I am 18, he 21] and a few nights ago while we were going to bed he told me that he loved me. I didn't say anything, I was waiting to do something really special. So basically, what I have planned out for tomorrow is a picnic. Him and I all summer would always ride our bikes to a nearby park where it has a beautiful woods with a bike path. At the end of the woods there is a big hill that empties out into a huge field.

What I was planning on doing for him is setting up a picnic right at the bottom of this hill and writing out " I LOVE YOU" with the autumn leaves in the field [in perfect sight from top of the hill]

Thing is, I'm a little worried he might think that is obsessive? or maybe even childish since I am younger? What do you think please?


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  • Well, coming from a guy who is 21...If I were riding a bike up a hill and as I reached the top I saw the words, "I love you" and saw the girl gleaming at me with joy I would probably turn my front wheel all the way to the right and ride back down the hill. See all I would really need is a simple I love you back (in another special moment). But all these leaves and bikes and picnics and schitt is not really my thing. I mean...who am I, Dorothy on the "yellowbrickroad"? Is this a rendition of care bears? I think love is great when shown (btw don't tell anybody I said that) and I know you're just a little girl but be more subtle. That leaves and picnic plot would be great for homecoming or prom...but for a simple I love you back?! You see... if I gave a girl a twinkie that said, "I love you", I would expect something similar in return like a ding dong that says, "I love you". But if instead you gave me a giant cookie like the one in 'Bruce Almighty' (and that's the way the cookie crumbles!----yeah, that cookie) that said "I LOVE YOU" I would be like dam...she's really coming on strong, that's kinda crazy, what does she wanna get married and have kids now? And as everyone shouts with joy at the giant cookie and people are screaming and jumping and throwing confetti about...I would quietly scoot backwards and quickly shut the door behind me. But that's just me, show too much love or too much emotion and people get scared. I'm sure he loves you just as much as you love him. But you're a young girl, and your soft, and your lovey dubby creative heart beats for flowers and picnics, but honestly, men don't need all that, all we need is a simple return of the favor, just words spoken from the mouth, "I love you too."

    • Ahahaha, oh my, your comment has got me laughing. I do understand that guys don't need much, and I know a simple "i love you" will do the trick. thing is, he is with me because this is how I am. I hopeless romantic, but I will take your advice. it probably is too childish.

      p.s I love the yellowbrickroad comment.


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  • I think it comes off slightly obsessive but depending on the individual some may like it. Also guys don't normally say I love you first. The fact that you didn't say it back would have me sh*ting bricks if I were him. Excuse the language.

  • Well considering he already said he loves you this should make him realy happy. But be sure to kiss him after he notices to seal the love.


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  • Personally I think it's a little cute/silly for my taste, but that said if it were done for me I'd appreciate it.

    What if the leaves blow away? Why don't you just tell him while enjoying a nice picnic together, that seems special enough to me, the moment will become even more special when it means more, and it's always nice to hear when someone loves you in their voice. It's not as cute, but it's more real than fanciful. Sincere, perhaps.

    • No, I would tell him with my voice, also. But yes, I didn't think of the leaves blowing away, [silly me!] Thank you!