Guys: do you like when girls make a move? How do you feel when they ask you out?Girls: have you ever asked a guy out because he didn't take a hint?

So there's this guy and he's texted me every day since October. We've been on a couple dates. The first one was just a movie, then the second was movies in my dorm and he ended up spending the night. We haven't kissed or even hugged, but I'm pretty sure he's interested in me. He's paid for everything when we went to the movie and when we got dinner.
He's 23 and is out of college and lives about an hour away from me. I'm 20 and I'm on my colleges swim team. I'Ve been wanting to go out with him again, but he hasn't asked me, and I was getting a little impatient. So I tried to drop hints by telling him the only time I would be free for the next two and a half months is either next Saturday, or a month from now (I worded it differently but you get the gist) anyways when he really wasn't picking up on that hint I finally just asked him if he wanted to do something.
At first he thought I meant this weekend and said he was busy but could try to get out of it, but then I made sure he knew I meant next week and said he would be free, and then he went to bed.
I just want to know how guys feel about girls asking them out? I don't even know what we will do yet, and I'm afraid I might have freaked him out a little bit, but I was getting impatient.

Also if you have any date ideas that would be great too :) I'm in the Midwest so it's pretty cold out, I'm also a D1 athlete so skiing and stuff isn't really a good idea. I don't mind watching movies but it's what we've done for the last two so some new ideas would be appreciated


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  • Well it saves us shy guys a lot of trouble... we tend to go through stages of doubt

    • So is it normal for shyer guys to question if a girl likes them?

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    • A letter? Do you think he'll ever be the one to bring up how he feels or what we are? Or am I going to have to do that?

    • You probably will have to do that... a letter will easily take away the nervousness while giving him time to think on it... nevertheless I think it will save a ton of worrying about who likes who

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  • Personally I have no problems with it. It can reserve us nice surprises and what really matters is the result and not who asks the other out. I think that you did nothing wrong and I also don't think that he didn't like it.

    • So you can honestly say, he probably was really just going to bed and not creaking out about me asking him?

    • For now, yes, I think he did what he said he would do.

  • As a shy guy we always doubt ourselves or are unsure if the girl likes us in a more than friends type of way.

    • Even if we've been on a couple dates? He slept over, he didn't try anything we just held hands and cuddled, and slept. He didn't even kiss me or hug me, and he didn't try to feel me up.

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    • Well I like to take things slow, but is a kiss too much to ask?

    • Nah it shouldn't

  • a lot of guys donĀ“t like it xD i love it. definitely nice by way of variation.

  • i know i absolutely do


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