How do you know when they're officially your girlfriend/boyfriend?

I'm just wondering what the signs are, or if you have to state directly to her "hey can I call you my girlfriend at this point" or something.
If you kiss, does that mean it?
I don't get it.


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  • Ugh its so hard to tell these days unless you clearly state, lets be boyfriend/girlfriend. Literally yesterday I found out a guy I've been seeing considered us to be in a relationship. But I didn't know and I had messed around with another guy earlier that day!! I feel horrible about it but neither guy had clearly said he wanted to be exclusive. I haven't told my new bf what happened but the other guy got SUPER mad at me when I told him the truth of why we can't see each other anymore. I guess he thought we were more than just hooking up. I've learned a hard lesson. Just be honest with people and make sure you know what kind of relationship you have with them so feelings dont get hurt.

    • Oh and kissing, hugging, hooking up, or even cuddling during a movie doesn't necessarily mean you're dating. But it depends on the guy. Just be safe and ask.

    • I don't know... like, if we're under 18 and never dated anyone before, then it might be more likely that you can be considered a couple after just the first kiss.

    • Oh ya thats true. I'd consider that a sign you're dating.


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  • Here lately people seem to be in all these grey area relationships not knowing what their actual "status" is. All this confusion could easily be cleared up by opening one's mouth and simply asking what status your partner sees the relationship as being. Otherwise feelings can end up being hurt. One person in the relationship may still be runnin around flirting with other people because they just viewed the relationship as a casual fling, whereas the other partner is over here in Taylor Swift mode, knee deep in a pile of rage and ice cream, because he/she thought it was a serious relationship.

    Avoid the crap, people. Communicate.

    • Yeah I'm not actually dating (yet... hopefully I will soon) but I don't know how obvious my crush would be...
      So you are basically saying that you ask directly then?

    • Yes. After a while, once it feels like the relationship has developed.

  • It has to be agreed upon by both parties. Kissing does not mean you are official. Going out on dates does not mean you're official. Spending lots of time together, meeting each other's families, even sleeping together does not mean you're official. You're official when you or she says "Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?" and the other person says yes. Or, if you're like my boyfriend, you just tell her she's your girlfriend now, and if she says ok then you're in the clear xD

    • Yeah I doubt I'd end up saying "do you wanna be my girlfriend" I'd probably do something that sounds odd or cute or humorous or something.

    • Sure, do what you gotta do. You just need some kind of affirmation from her that you two are exclusive.

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  • We always just talked about it and said "OK, we're bf/gf now."


  • When you ask her to be, be a man