What time frame to wait for a call back (text) after a first date?

Yesterday I went on a date with a guy I met off Tinder. When I saw him in person he was VERY attractive and very smart and funny. Even better than what I had expected!! We laughed and talked non stop for two hours and eventually walked each other to our cars he said he had to go meet with his parents and he told me he would contact me during the week and that I had his number.. then he gave me a big hug. At that point I thought... okay, let down, meeting parents is an excuse to bail.. I guess he didn't like me? I haven't heard from him all day. No "it was nice" or anything. Should I say something? How long should I wait before he contacts again? How long do you typically wait for any date?

I meant how long should I wait for him to contact before I check him off as not interested..


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  • If you're unsure about how things ended and how he feels, if you want to see him again, then ask him out. You'll know by his response whether or not he was into it.