My friend betrayed me and stole my ex lover?

This guy and I had a thing together. Slept together once but that was it. I still like him.

My friend met him the same night I did. We all hung out together. I was trying to establish something with hi. But then she would always be there. In his face and taking over.

Ends up taking his interest more as I sidelined.

They get closer because of that. They have kids to. Another thing she used to get closer to him.

End up speaking to him about the situation, as I suspected. They are pretty much together now.

Can't believe she did that to me

Just very pissed off! Lately when we have gone out she has disregarded my feelings, putting her sexual needs ahead of mine (having to be stuck with her while she did this), she cut my grass a couple of times as well.

Even with a guy I knew who was taken. Mentioned it to her. She still went for him. I would have made a move if he was not taken. Another who I was hot for. I said no I like him. She still invites him out for drinks with us but he declined he had a girlfriend to.

I've invited her out. Helped her through her current break up and this is the thanks I get.

Just still numb from it all and very, very hurt.

I am surprised a guy would be interested in someone who has no morals and can't be single for 5 minutes. Guess these are the type of girls who get the guys. :-(.


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  • What I am "Surprised" about here, dear, Instead of Allowing her to 'Cut my grass,' why did you even Allow her Back into your life? She should have Cut things right then and there... she is fair weather friend, not even a friend indeed Nor a Friend You Need...
    She is disrespectful, leaves you standing there all the time with egg on your face, and this Last Raw Deal, should have been the Real dealbreaker in dumping her. She has Not only No Regard for your feelings, but doesn't give a rat's behind How you feel or how it makes you look.
    Friends like her who needs More friends? She is never going to change. She has proven to be a backstabber, No true blue friend till the end, and even if you would get married tomorrow, I promise you she would be right there to steal your man right from under your nose before the honeymoon was over.
    She is in constant competition with you to make sure she reaps in all the romance and makes you seem like the single spinster with nothing because she has this baggage to boot, 'Can't be single for 5 minutes,' and because you don't Have that, are Not like That, thank God-----These are the type of girls who end up with Nothing or No one in the end, just an old maid.
    Bottom line here, she overstepped her bonding boundary with you... she is jealous of you...
    Good luck. xx

    • I have dumped her.. Still can't believe she encouraged this and right under my nose. I actually mentioned to the guy a bit of what her character was like. I felt like she was competing with me. I mentioned that to him as well. I held back cause I am better then that. So that is going to be in the back of his mind while she is out.

      I get she will cling to him as well. Since there is no one else in her life now.

      Only reason why I did not make moves on those guys was because I knew they were taken. I am just as attractive as she is.

      I agree. Way overstepped boundaries that is for sure. Don't understand why a guy would even want to be with a girl like that.

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    • Same. I don't know what that guy even sees in her... She's going to end up clinging to him because she will have no one left.

    • Frankly, you are too good for both their types.. xxoo


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  • Learn how to make better friends.

    If a person screws you over, it's partially your fault. You chose to open the door and let them into your life and become your friend.

    A wiser person would have been able to see her uncontrollable and impulsive nature before any of this got out of hand.

    It's not magic. Learn the people skills.

    • True. Well mentioned a few of these things to the guy. Little does he know though. She is going to cling to him now she has no one else in her life.

  • Since you've seen this pattern repeating, maybe tone down letting her know who you like or find a better friend.

    • I actually mentioned a bit of what her character was like to the guy before he mentioned it. Hopefully her true colours come out eventually and he sees what she is really like. If is as good as a people reader as he claims to be, then it will all come out.

  • d00d its you right? she brought him muffins right?

  • She showed she's not really your friend. Just start walking away from her slowly because you can't trust her.

    • Done. Never looking back. She is gonna end up clinging onto him. She'll have no one else. Not a healthy thing. Don't understand how girls like her get the guys... Sigh.

  • If he was merely your lover and there was no actual established relationshiprelationship between you two, then neither of them owe you any sort of commitment... This isn't exactly cheating, after all.

  • In this incident it seems like her and dude had a superior attraction level and interest level in each other and hence why they've hit it off.

    My question to you is why are you still friends with this woman? She sounds like a drain.

    • Oh not friends with her now. Not one apology. Nothing.

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    • In disbelief and feel like an idiot for even bothering with her.

    • You gotta learn the hard way bro.

  • Just let it go that guy is not yours and about your friend do with her whatever will make u feel good

    • Got rid of the both of them. Doing just that.

    • Yea life is not about her and him. there's a lot of good people around you and you will see them in the right moment maybe while you are working or shoping or running and I believe that ur unique in a special way that need a special person to notice that.

  • What a disrespectful cunt!

    • Yet this guy wants something with her?

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    • All this makes me glad I never got with the guy now.

    • Then you still have a chance with the guy now.

  • And thats why nice people finish last. If you want someone go 4 them. Dont be afraid to take a L

  • You sound so jealous

    • Not jealous just pissed off. Only just found out about this.

    • Well the part about them anyway. Of course it is gonna come out like that.

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  • How cheap ur frnd was well better nt to tolk! Gv her a tight slap i hate two faced people, it makes it harder for me to decide which side to slap first...

  • Bitch!
    Lose her and the guy.
    They deserve each other.

    • Done. She is going to cling to him. She has nothing else.

    • You didn't lose anything.
      It still hurts.
      My BF from HS told some people I tried suicide when I was like 12 or so.
      Hurt me so so bad my mom let me change schools.
      Still can't believe she did that crap.
      girls do shit guys would not even think of doing
      I hang with guys, watch girls like a hawk.

  • So, you just went "I want this one" and got mad when she got him instead? High school much..

  • Tell her to hit the road. Don't need friends like that.

    • Have done so. So angry I can't sleep right now.