What should I do with this girl I met on tinder?

So I met this girl on tinder. I messaged her first and since then we texted every single day. At first she was away at school but she finally came back home for the holidays. We didn't live far from each other. I have asked to her out at least 5 times since she came back from school and all those times she said she was tired or busy. At first it was understandable she has a life but i have asked her over the time span of almost 2 months of talking to actually meet her. Two times she would ask me "when are we gonna meet?" i told her to let me know whenever she's free an she would say "okay i will". Last week I knew she was home cause she told me she was so I asked her to meet up for some food. She said she was too tired to go out but said we could hangout for sure this weekend! I told her great i had nothing planned and told her just to let me know when she can. Weekend came of course she didn't tell me anything. Although we did text 24/7 so she would tell me she's doing etc but above all she didn't ask or tell me to hangout. My question is why would she bother texting me every day even on holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas an even on new years an but never meet even after asking her a total of 6 times but then ask me when would we hangout?


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  • Why won't you ask her? We can tell you hundreds of reasons, but maybe there is a reason why, and is not that she is playing with you, that is what it seems to me. So, ask her, in that way you're being honest and stop waisting time with someone that may not be that interested.


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  • She seems interested but scared she could b a catfish

    • Na. We both have snapchat to which we send each other pics. We both friends on Facebook and follow each other on instagram. she's who she says she is

    • Hmmmmm maybe she's jus nervous

  • Tinder in mostly for hook ups go a head tiger get her

    • Haha she doesn't seem like she's down for that

    • Anyways get her tiger!!!

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  • She's wasting your time (and hers). If she's too 'tired' or 'busy' to go on dates, she shouldn't be on a dating site or responding to messages. If I don't have a date (or one arranged) within two weeks of my last message, I move on.