Have you ever just started to get to know a guy or girl and you already have caught them in a lie or two?

I really kinda want to not even bother with this guy where I've caught him in a couple lies. I know it is due to an insecurity and perhaps embarrassment but another was so stupid it's like, I have a feeling they could be worse down the line.
I'm even on the fence about how close of friends I want to be.

Please share your experiences!!


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  • most people expect that if it happens to soon its bound to spiral out of control eventually down the road. I like to think that some people just really needed to not tell the truth for a few insecurities and only that but kept it real for all of their intentions. its not a common practice but I do it because I don't really care too much lol.


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  • I don't like liars. I'd run and not look back


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  • My ex boyfriend had other women contacting him via kik. I naively thought it was just me. He said that this girl was texting him about his double glazing. I've defo not heard that one before!
    That's when I knew he was at it! Dumped him immediately after that, and as it transpires he had a girlfriend of 14years and a best friend he's been shagging for almost as long.
    If they lie about the mundane what will they be like with other things.
    Get out while you still can. Run!

  • yes i started to taking to a guy and i discovered that he was already having a bunch of LDR and that he was using not only one phone number