WOMEN BE HONEST, does a man who got cheated on become less attractive to you? do you wonder why his ex wasn't happy? how do you use this information?

only honest answers please=)


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  • I assume his ex was a bitch.


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  • No.
    That's a situation that I know nothing about.
    There's plenty of reasons why people cheat.
    I won't assume it's because he was a bad boyfriend.
    she could have been a cheater due to her own issues

  • Nope not less attractive it happens. I do wonder why but if I'm happy with him why do I care past is the past. I was cheated on his excuse he felt like he wasn't good enough for me.

    • the guy cheated saying he didn't feel he was good enough for you? as ridiculous and hard to beleive as it sounds, i do know insecure people are more likely to cheat... self esteem is such a trouble maker in and out of romatic relationships i tell ya

    • Yup it seems to me the men who extract confidence are the ones that are the most untrusting and have insecurities it's so strange.

  • My ex was cheated on. I just thought she was a bitch. If she wasn't happy, she should've broken up with him properly. I didn't really "use" that information, but it did make me more understanding whenever he got jealous over someone.

  • Cheats do it because they lack something that normal people have. IF you ever meet and greet a cheat you would see what I mean. They function but not in the same way we do. Look in their eyes and you can see their soul just isn't there.
    What I'm trying to say is that it's never the cheatees fault that the cheating happened.. it is a flaw in the character of the cheater that causes the cheating.

    • you're right=) another thing I've noticed is how theyre raised (parents relationships status/style) how much love and bonding theyve had... i agree and i feel youve helped me confirm some things in my mind as well=) I've never cheated physically and emotinoally. hell i dont even have casual sex. mom raised me differently.

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