Help! My gf is going through a phase and wants to explore?

My gf of 6 years just broke the bad news again. Last summer we broke up for 2 months. I was her first everything and during this time she went to explore and had sex with different men since I was her only sex partner.

She came back to me when this was all done and we've been good ever since. She said she realized she loved me so much and no Guy compares to me and it was just a phase she was going though.

It hurt me but we did go back in our honeymoon stage when we got back together. Last night she broke down and told me that she wants to explore again. What's up with her? I give her everythjng and now she wants to do this to me. I'm still her first relationship and she's already had sex with different guys. What could it be that she wants now?


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  • She's scared of only having you as the only relationship in her life. If you are then that's why she wants to see what else is out there. 6 years is a long time. You may be happy and say if you are my only relationship for the rest of my life I'm ok with that but if you want to go and experience dating the ass hole, the cheater, and the player. Then that's the choice she is gonna make. Make it her decision and if she walks away you know you were her first love that she will compare every guy who does her wrong and you will find a girl who appreciate you for you


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  • "What could it be that she wants now?"
    This is something you should ask her.

    Also more questions for you to ask her that she should answer truthfully:
    - Was it a honeymoon stage again for her too or just for you?
    - Is she satisfied with your sex life?
    - Are her life goals the same as yours?

    But honestly, if she's doubting that soon again, she probably feels deep down that you are not the right one for her.

    • It was for her also. I showered her and treated her like a princess and she would always post it on Facebook. I think I got her addicted to sex. I always wanted to have sex with her aswell.

      Life goals is a tough one cause we are in different career paths but we've already accomplished our jobs.

    • The only answer she gave me is she wants to explore and be single since she didn't get to live her youth. She's only 24 and been with me since she was 18.

    • just because you always want sex with her, it doesn't mean she's satisfied with it. and no, I don't necessarily mean she wants it even more often.

      if you want to keep her in your life you can suggest open relationship, but if it's something you can't handle, it's best to let her go.

  • Let her go permanently this time.
    You can't keep allowing her to play with your feelings.

    • So tough to let her go as I invested 6 years with her and I feel like she's the one

    • She's not the one. There is no one. No such thing as unconditional love, or fate, or any of that bullcrap. Life sucks, then you die. Your girl won't stay with you, she'll do something like this. Other women will talk about how wrong it is, but in the same situation, they'd do the same thing. Every normal person is a liar and hypocrite, and you can't trust them

    • Any financial advisor will tell you, when an investment is bad, dump it, regardless of how long you have had it.

  • she does not love you so just break up :).. i could never understand this exploring thing it's disgustng lol


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  • Unless you want to try having an open relationship, I'd say move on.

  • No matter how much I like steak.. I would eventually kill for a salad, if I was only allowed to have steak for the rest of my life.

    She is bored with you and wants variety.

    • You think keeping her as a sexual companion will do?

    • Only if you suddenly developed a range of new and interesting sexual skills for her to enjoy.

  • i agree with everybody. she already did it once, so basicly all she wants is sex from some other dudes. at least she is telling you about it and not just cheating on you lol.
    if she already told you she wants to 'explore' again, i dont think there is something you can do or say to change her mind. best thing is to let her go completly. just tell her to not come back

  • So she basically wants to go fuck other guys while you wait around for her. That's basically it, she's not exploring anymore she knows where that road leads already, dude leave her before she decides to begin exploring behind your back. In this situation you're already set up to be hurt.