How does a single mom do this?

A friend who is a single mom of a teenaged son told me that she wants to keep her son away from the "slutty" girls. How the fv<k can she do that?


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  • Talk to him clearly about making good decisions and that vaginas come attached to a human - some of whom can be crazy. He should value himself enough to not throw his d at anything that moves and only privilege sharing it with girls who value him and treat him well.

    • Makes sense.

    • I don't think the "sex is sacred" talk works as easily for boys. But reminding him that he deserves to be treated well and that the pull sex can cloud his judgement may sink in.


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  • I'm a single mom too and I think I can't keep my son from slutty girls I can advice him in making good choices but I can't choose for him he has to decide who he wants to be with and I just have to accept it even if I dont like it, because if my son is happy then I'm going to be happy too that's all matters

  • Isolate her son.

    • Might be a tad difficult...

    • But hey it will definitely work

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  • Teach him from a young age that women are more than sexual conquests and a warm vagina to stick your dick into. They're human beings.

    Teach him that the true sum of a person isn't how amazing their body are, but the well of depth of their character and their integrity.