Why do guys lie to girls about dumb stuff?

Why. Why do guys intentionally hurt girls. Not all guys, I know, but a lot of them. Why do they make you care about them and tell you sweet nothings and then turn around and say they don't want a relationship. Why do they make you feel like you're already dating but then turn around over text and say they're not ready for commitment? And worst of all, why do they lead you on and play you and then when you talk to them about it make you feel like you're the one in the wrong for assuming? Like sorry you said you wanted this to turn into something and that "the moment you saw me you knew you had to have me".. My bad for assuming you wanted a relationship? I just don't get it.


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  • Because they need someone to stroke their ego. Been there, done that. Don't waste your time with someone who is wishy washy about what they want.


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  • The same reason a lot of girls intentionally hurt guys and do dumb stuff to guys. People can be mean, does not matter on the gender, there are mean men and women. These types of people are not worth the other persons time. If someone is treating you like that then give them a chance to change their behaviour and if they don't end the relationship. Both men and women treat the opposite gender like this and it is not acceptable.

  • Stupid boys and their games lol! There are men out there that would definitely be interested in being in a relationship. What sort of vibe are you giving off to these boys you've been seeing?

    • The question is more directed towards the guy in talking too right now. I mean I legitametly thought we were in a relationship, we made out and he introduced me to his mom, and he even called me babe all the time and acted like we were dating. But when I confronted him about it he said were just friends with benefits. Like? But he acts that way and then says it's nothing because he's too busy for a relationship right now? I'm confused.

  • "Not all guys, I know, but a lot of them" Then phrase the question, 'Why do *some guys lie..'

    They don't want relationships, and girls easily fall for their sweet words.

  • Girls do it as well. It's not a guy thing.

    • I know. Everyone does it, but the male applies to my situation.

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