I'm so confused as to whether this girl has any feeling for me, help?

There's this girl in one of my college classes that I really like. We've only known one another for two weeks but we seem to get along really well. She asked me the first day of class to hang out and study with her, and I asked her again this week. She seems to try and get my attention more than anyone else in the class. If she's walking towards where I live, she'll normally ask me to go on a quick detour with her to do something. Today she even stopped by my room for a bit, because she has to dress up as a guy for a party. Is she just being friendly? I'm so confused, and I really like her. What do you think? What should I do?


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  • You need to ask her. She will most likey appreciate yours bravery


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  • Obviously she is very comfortable with you and sees you as a friend already and thats the first step my friend. The rest is up to you if you want cash in on her.