First date, what do we talk about?

Yeah, I'm clueless, what do I need to do here?


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  • Try discussing your interests and hers (or his). Perhaps you could start with music? That seems like a good topic to me, especially since I love to talk about music. You could discuss films, literature, history, art, hobbies, or food (if you're at a restaurant or cafĂ©). If you met this person at school, you could talk about what classes you guys are taking and what your aspirations are, school- and career-wise.

    Don't ask questions that are too personal or awkward. (If, before you ask a question, you feel even the slightest bit of uneasiness or awkwardness, refrain from asking it.) Also, try to refrain from discussing politics or religion. Neither of them are very conducive to pleasant conversation. Ha ha.

    Good luck.


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  • Her interests and likes/dislikes. That will lead to her asking you the same questions. The first date is a way for you to get to know eachother.

  • Don't over think it and just talk about anything let everything flow talk about music shows food etc school


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  • Talk about her... ASK about her life her interests her world , GET to know her and if you think it's pretty cool she does something like the stuff she does , compliment when necessary.

    Quit talking endlessly about yourself , share your experiences with her but it's not open mic , it's interactive so remember to go BOTH WAYS.