Awkwardness between girl I like and me?

I really like this girl in my class who isn't dating until she's 14 (were both 13 BTW) but I can wait. I told her last week and I has been super awkward. We would sit with each other at lunch and not even say a word to eachother. I can't even look her in the eye. We talked a little bit today for the first time but it was about homework. But she's a quiet person in general though. I asked one of her best friends if she said anything about me or if they knew if she liked me back. She didn't even know. I was gonna ask for her number today but her friend warned me not to and that it wasn't a good time. Oh yeah and I've never had a girlfriend. That's my entire love life so what's your advice? Help.


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  • Just take it slow n get ure way into her life n take it from there

  • I recommend taking a break and approaching her in like a week or this Friday . Make eye contact and don't act like a wimp


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