So. I said to her today that it isn't my job to educate fools. Is that some sort of sign. She is intelligent. Kinda lazy though (aren't we all some)?

Okay. So I've been living at this one place for a few years. She moved in after about 4 years. Accommodation of her rutine has been a difficult experience. We got mice after she moved in... no big deal... (from the styx) We finally killed them but she decided that is was okay to buy a shit load of mouse poison in a house with mouse catching animals. I've been gone for a few weeks working. This is the most recent example of a situation were she doesn't think at all. Wtf really? What am I supposed to do? 1st ltr. Don't get it. She just got lazy after getting together? I don't know. I feel as though a more pretty ( ie.8-9 ) would be better structured to my understanding maybe,? Kinda lost shape withe learning a master's of p. chem. but I feel as though I'm being too accepting of behavior. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know


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  • First off all is she ur girlfriend?


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  • What in the hell are you on about. You're whole statement was one big clusterfuck. What is your question?