Girl I've been seeing a couple months has been hot and cold?

She's been like this for a month now. One week she's saying she misses me and wants to kiss me and sends me tons of kiss and invites me over to hang out and when we hang she tells me how much she likes me and if I see us in a serious relationship and I say yes an she gets happy and excited. but then almost starting the next day and for the week it feels like I can barley get a word out of her, I get that the next day it two I won't here much from her but the rest of the week? and I usually have to text her and occasionally she'll text first. But when she's hot again the following week she's always texting me and so much and more active and she misses me again, but it confuses me on how to act and treat her. Seems like she wants something serious cause she's always talking about the future and stuff but I don't know. Like I said confused


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  • Ask her about it but you're the one who has to determine if you're happy with the relationship or not.


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  • Ah the hot and cold. Been there... Done that. You see hot and cold equals games. Games equals a waste if time. Now we all live the quote. " when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade" right? So how to go about it? Well start from the bottom and work your way up. Sometimes telling girls there mistakes are like taking meat away from an zombie. What do I mean? Simple play her games, this will make wonder why humans do this in the first place. First time feels uncomfortable. cause you like. Her, next when she notice this pattern she'll confront you about it. Then you tell her how you feel. If she takes it the wrong way then she's not for you. If she tells you why she does it and try working in it , she's s keeper. She mainly don't want to appear too easy.