Im 6'6 430 lbs how do I get a good looking 5'0-6ft woman under 200 lbs? I love skinny chicks>.<?

Im a truck driver and i dont want sex on the side so to speak i just need hints to find my "dream girl" to notice me in a hey your nice funny and i wanna date you attitude?


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  • 430lbs and 6'6? you're like an old wrestler known as the Earthquake.

    I suggest you just grab one lol

    Being serious though, some chicks really dig big jolly guys like you, just put yourself out there, stop off at the pub or "bar" all the time while you're on the road and try your luck with the ladies.
    Dress nice. Ditch the truckie singlet and jeans and start wearing trousers and a coloured button up shirt.


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  • You're really big. Like gravity is seriously working against you, normally I wouldn't say anything, but how do your knees feel? I know truck drivers don't get a lot of exercise and they don't get to eat the right goods and for some reason truckers are always very tall.

  • By looking like an incredibly attractive model yourself. If you look average or ugly, hot chicks will not respond to you. Good looking people will date good looking people, because they can.

    Also you can find girls easier if you don't put up ridiculously specific height and weight requirement. If you want them to like your attitude, go for girls with good attitude and forget the looks.


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