How should I tell him that it's me?

So me and a guy from my class, talk to each other in a social site, and the the ting is that my name is totally different and he doesn't know who I am , but he fell in love with me , and now we talk and love each other, but he told that on Monday I have to look at him, so he knows who I am, I'm so afraid if he will be disappointed, but I don't know, he loves me for sure, but what should I do, how should I act?


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  • Just go for it, you really have nothing to lose.


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  • If it's really love, it wouldn't matter how u look to him

    But unfortunately at the younger age groups, boys and girls are a bit on the shallow side

    What are u insecure about? If he doesn't like u anymore after seeing u, it wasn't love. And isn't that important to know?

    • He says that I'm crazy if I think so , he says I shouldn't be afraid, he says all nice words to me, he seems to be in love, I don't know😔 I love him too

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    • Not very fair to him either? He never got to meet who he's fallen for

    • He knows me that's the case

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  • gee. it would be awkward. :3 mixed emotions. so you must have given him wrong personal details if he still doesn't recognize you? if you did, he'll be angry and embarrassed.

    • No I gave him right details, I didn't reveal myself , but I gave him details, he just can't guess, and also I haven't told him that I'm from the same class as him

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    • I hope so too.

    • Awe thank youuuuu!

  • I think he will be disappointed, but it doesn't mean he stops talking to you or anything. I would tell him that you are not that person, like " I need to tell you something". And stop with this "lie"

    • No he told me , to show who I am , not tHat I'm lyinh