Why do some people like you start problems with other people and then when the person stands up with theirselves they get quiet?

I get this by mainly women. Today I was in Starbucks. The line was kind of big. When I got behind this lady she gave me this dirty look. I was near the food part of it, and I was still behind the lady looking at the food I wanted. Then she snapped at me telling me she was in front of me, and not to cut. So I told her off saying I knew that, and I was looking at the food. I told her I was still behind her. She got so quiet, and was speechless. I don't understand how someone can make problems with a stranger, when the stranger isn't even in the wrong. I get this by other women in this situations.


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  • They get a thrill putting other people down and get embrassed when they get countered

    • It's sad.

    • It's is but I'm glad you stood up to them, the world needs people that will not put up to these behaviors

    • Me, I just care. I will always stand up to people. Like I said it's usually women. So it's even easier. I'm never going to let someone start shit with me or try and put me down


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  • This is what happened to me. Although on a much larger scale. It was long term.

    My older brother (by 4 years) always used to harrass me, Hurt me, bully me around and break me down. For a long time I've been taking his blows until one day when I was a lot older and stronger, I got fed up with his attitude towards me and my parents so then I stood up to me and confronted him in his face.

    What happened afterwards, was he gave me a pathetic look and a smirk and he pushed my face back, then I was angry and decided to take matters into my own hands instead of telling my parents and I punched him in his face (which wasn't such a wise decision but there was too much pressure at the moment)

    We got into a fist fight and ended up breaking my door, we got some marks and cuts and all that and it was a mission to break the fight up.

    Ever since, he was hesitant in getting starting with me and he never treated me the same anymore and he would never be in my way. We ignore each other now and act as if we were strangers (we don't even give each other eye contact).


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  • Truth shuts them up and their bitchiness

  • this annoys me so much. as a teen/ young adult i feel we are always judged by society and our eldersits unfair but we can't do annything as then we would be doing what they think we do. mouth off and be rude and disrespectful

    • The funny thing is the lady was like 45! Like wtf? Are you serious? Grow up!! I can understand a 15 year old pulling that off

    • im 15 id never mouth off to someone like that, i personaly have respect for people and have had elders glare at me

    • Haha I'm the same way, but with me I will always stick up for myself. In high school I was fat. I use to be teased. Now I'm skinny, and girls are still mean to me. Not really men. But I make sure of it that I stick up for myself

  • Some people need to have their coffee to act human ;)