Where and how to meet men in real life - not online?

It's the same people in a loop online... I want to be asked out by men in the real world... How do I do that? Where should I go? How should I behave to be approached by decent men?

I am getting out of a relationship where I was treated pretty badly... I am still pretty hung up on him and cry a lot but I want to now move forward instead of wanting to go back just because I love him I am done being treated like shit and taken for granted...

I'm no model but I am told I am beautiful by people - not that I believe it I think I am cute is all... I am 5'5" slender and fit, curly black hair and large brown eyes and rather shy when it comes to romance... otherwise I am a goof (even though as we speak I am currently sitting and sobbing)... I have a more down-to-earth personality as opposed to a sexy one... wish I was confident like that but I am not... And sadly, when I love I fall hard and suck at the "game"

I really need advice, I am sick of being taken advantage of... I don't ask for gifts or to be wined and dined... I just ask to be treated with love and respect, not try to use me financially, sexually and emotionally and then neglect and abandon me...


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  • Join a common interest club.
    If you like to paint - find a painters society , like dancing- join a dance academy, like airsoft- go to an event , like photography- join a photography club.

    Start with common interests , find common ground then work your way down there


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