If he said that, should I believe him?

Me and my boyfriend got drunk one night from a house party and then we walked back to his house because, it was 5 minutes away. So we got to his house and we went in his room and then we start drinking a little bit more because, we brought a cup to his house from the party and I heard his phone ring a text message and I asked him "who is that?" And he was like "don't worry about it" so I just left it alone but then I questioned why he would say that and then we were talking and he said "I cheated on you" and I said "with who?" And he was like "don't worry about it" and then I start crying and he was like don't cry babe, he said would you leave me if I cheated on you? And I told him yes and he said "after all we've been through? You would leave me" And I was like I'm sorry I wouldn't be able to be with you and I was crying so much and then he said I'm just playing, I wanted to see how you would react if I told you I cheated on you. So my question is why would he say that? And they say people who are drunk tell the truth. So was he telling the truth? Or getting a reaction out of me?


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  • There are two types of people who never lie... drunk people and dead people

    • I just don't know what to say about it, I asked him about the day after he said that & then I slowly forgot about it but it still is on my mind and it's been months since I've said something again about it.

    • Well he not gonna admit. To be honest, if I were you I would just drop him.


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  • Fallow your gut. Your gut knows best.

    • I don't know what to feel at this moment

  • He most likely cheated on you.

    • It is because he said it while he was drunk?

    • Yes most likely, drunk people never lie 99% of the time. Also like @XNicholeMariex3 said since you said you would leave him he changed his mind and said he was joking.

    • How do you think I should approach him about it again? I'm sure he won't admit to it.

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  • I have a feeling he did and was trying to see if you would leave him or not. Since you said you would, he changed his mind and pretended he was joking.

    Just a thought.

    • I should I handle the situation, he was drunk when he said that to me and I just thought it was crazy that he said that to me to see how I would react.

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    • I feel dumb because, I thought he didn't really mean that.

    • It's ok.. I understand that you would want to trust him. But all I see from this is lies.

  • He cheated.

    • What should I say to him? I have forgotten all about it and haven't mentioned it to him since and it's months later down the road that I haven't said anything about that night he said that.

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    • I personally think he cheated, and if he tried to cover it up then by saying "I was just seeing how you'd react", then he'll definitely deny it now... I don't think you'll get the truth out of him (assuming he cheated).

    • I asked him about it again and he said I said that to see if you would ever leave me. Then, I said but who says that to their girlfriend just to see if they would ever leave them? Then he said I let you go through my phone and I have pictures of you online, how the fuck am I cheating?