Should I tell her I like her when she asks me over texting?

I got this girls number that I like and we have been texting. She asks me who I like and I just won't tell. But I am wondering if that was a mistake.


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  • If she is the One whom you 'Just won't tell' here, dear, then she probably already surmises with No surprises that She is the One... this is Why she asks me, she probably already knows.
    "I got this girls number," and she has yours too. With this I mean she knows what you're all about. You both have 'Been texting,' keeping the lines of convo open and wide. So if you want things to go further down the line, start Talking to her more of different things that you both may have in common and maybe ask her to hang out sometime.
    All I know is if you don't jump through a few hoops soon for someone you Like, you snooze, you lose, as they old expression goes, and with playing guessing games, she will end up with---Other numbers and less slumbers.
    Don't make Another 'Mistake' by waiting or making her wait in line...
    Good luck. xx


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  • Next time she asks you reply with something cute like "she's reading this message"

    • Aawwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhh!!! Wait, I'm a guy, I really need to get back to my underage drinking (joke) and SportsCenter.

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  • No. Never tell over texting. If you ever see her in person tell her. Gather up the courage and just do it. Never tell someone you like them through text.. Honestly. Don't listen to her.^^^ haha. People act differently through text than inperson. Also, you wouldn't ever ask someone out through a text huh?

  • If you want to be super romantic, call her and say "You. I like you" the second she picks up. Wait for the reaction.