Is it just this generation?

So what happens when a guy you have been seeing texts you saying "he's dancing with another girl and got a number"?

He tells me all these things about how he likes me and all this future shit... but yet once I'm away and hanging with my cousin, he texts me that. I told him if he just wants to be single and being what I told before "just having fun" then tell me and be honest instead of playing games.

Literally what happen to the generations now a days? Is it because of technology and how far it came or is it because guys are scared on how they feel about someone, especially girls. Can this generation actually be interested in someone and not play games?


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  • Sounds like he went out, possibly had a bit too much to drink and did something hurtful and inconsiderate to his girlfriend that he probably thought was funny at the time.

    That's not a generational thing, guys have done that since there have been guys. Especially younger guys.


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  • I don't know. I think if this generation doesn't improve, it won't be the last. Yes, I think it's the technology. We need to rein in our use of the technology. Not completely - just a little.


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  • Playing games is timeless. People have done it throughout the ages. In your. Case, what he could be saying to you could be true and he could just be texting you that to make you jealous or flirt with you. I've seen that tactic many times. Otherwise, he could just not really know what he wants and maybe he's playing games.