What do I do so this guy I like values / respects me more?

I like this guy, we are not together. I believe he likes me too as much as I like him, I see him sometimes but none of us is making a move. The thing is I think I showed him that I am into him a lot without saying it, and he is maybe now thinking he can have me whenever. I don't know what he is thinking. My question is whatever the situation is, even though I am very sure he likes me, how does he respect me / value me more? So that I don't look like stupid when I tell him my feelings. Please any advice is appreciated...


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  • Showing your feelings never makes you look stuped. If someone learning about your feelings should not affect their respect level for you. If it does they are an asshole and not right for you.

  • You can't make him value or respect you. Only he can do that. What you can do is let your feelings be known. If he doesn't respect or value that, well, good riddance to him and move along.


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