Why Would a Guy String a Girl Along?

When there is no sex involved, why would a guy string a girl along? This guy I've been seeing on and off for about 10 months now wants a relationship then doesn't. Seems like he wants one when it suits him and doesn't take into consideration anything else. He tells me he likes me and that he won't find anyone better but goes around and breaks up with me within a few days of saying such things. I'm so confused and hurt :(


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  • Guys will do this because it is better than no one. I am sorry to say but he really doesn't want you 100%. You are basically a filler. Either he doesn't know what he wants, or can't get it/find it so you are his "spare" for now. This is why he is so on and off again. He is constantly on the edge between moving on or not needing you then wanting you again. Definitely stringing you along.

    • He does keep saying he doesn't know what he wants or he's not sure. He has also told me he has commitment issues but I just don't understand how you could let someone go if you like them so much..

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    • Yeah you're right. He's very insecure so I get the whole "filler" aspect of it too :(

    • I am sorry. I hope I did not make you feel bad. I just hope to give you some insight so you can decide what to do and how to handle this and make a decision that will make you happy. Good luck!


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  • I don't think there's always a specific answer behind it, like a common reason some men behave that way. That just sounds like stupid indecisive behavior and disregard for someone else's feelings. There's no accounting for a retarded mental state.


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  • Why would you even let that hapen for 10 months?